Indian Fusion Holiday Recipe Round-Up 

It’s no secret that holidays this year will be different than those prior. Many of us are looking for creative ways to bring the family together and add a touch of uniqueness to make this year special. You can achieve this by spicing it up in the kitchen…literally. Trying new cuisine and mixing in cultural elements can make any dinner an exciting memory. Impress your in-laws and picky eaters with our picks for incorporating Indian fusion this holiday season. 

Easiest Holiday Swap 

Try Naan bread instead of traditional rolls this year. Naan bread is moister and heartier than pita bread and more efficient with dipping in yummy sauces than conventional rolls. Naan also has plenty of carbs and energy that will help you last through the meal. It’s also full of micronutrients that you need throughout the day, which means you can balance out all the sweet treats’ sluggishness. 

Crowd-Pleasing Appetizer

Samosas are one of the most popular Indian foods and for a good reason. It has a flakey crust, spicy potatoes and is usually filled with other goodies like nuts and meat. This appetizer is also finger-food friendly and therefore can be quickly served at parties. The option we picked is filled with traditional spices and is pretty straightforward since sometimes it can be a little difficult for beginners to make. Even if your samosas don’t come out perfect, they’re always a crowd pleaser and will be gone by the time your parents leave. 

Best Fusion Entree

Chicken Vindaloo is a kitchen staple in most Indian households. Following the guidelines of being filled with spice and expertly paired with vegetables, this is a unique entree for a holiday meal. This works well, too, if you’re transporting the dish, as it’s meant to be marinated for an extended period of time and then heated up when it’s ready to be eaten. Pair with basmati rice, and you have a traditional dish that looks as good as it smells. 

Healthiest Side Dish 

Cucumber (Kachumber) salad is a healthy option for the holidays, usually when calories and carbs are overtaking the kitchen. This refreshing salad mixes the freshness of cucumber with the traditional Indian spices of cumin and chili powder. Your vegan and vegetarian guests will love this dish for its flavor diversity and diet-friendly ingredients. Quick tip: to make it more authentic, add more of these spices than you would traditionally use. The dish will taste more lively and fill up the kitchen with a familiar aroma.

Easiest Dessert 

Bring Kesar Peda, a traditional Indian dish, as your dessert. This recipe features saffron infused milk fudge that will please everyone at the table. This sweet treat’s yellow color makes any dessert platter brighter and adds a recognizable touch of India. Bonus: It’s ridiculously easy to make, so even if your cooking skills are a little rusty, you’ll be able to figure this out without destroying the kitchen (or crying in your apron). 

Surprise your family with any of these tasty delights inspired by Indian cuisine. The holidays are a time to create new memories and eat good food so fill the kitchen with aromatic spices and colorful dishes. Just be careful with these recipes as you may be requested to bring them to ALL future events- trust me.

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