5 Fixes To Do Before Selling Your Home 

Selling your home can be a stressful time, but we’re here to help! By following these easy steps, you can make sure of a seamless experience and cut the time your house stays on the market. Here are the top 5 “Must Do’s” to complete before saying goodbye to your former abode. 

1) Paint

Painting is a fix you can complete yourself that can increase your home’s value. While it is one of the most tedious tasks, fixing chips and painting over dark colors can let your buyer visualize the space with their items. According to HomeGain, painting your interior is a cost of $967 and leads to a $2,001 increase in value, while painting the exterior costs $1406 and leads to a $2,176 increase in value. Don’t know what colors to chose? Classic eggshell white is always a safe choice for bathrooms or kitchens, while a light gray is a popular choice for bedrooms. Do a little research before going to the home improvement store to make sure the colors match the flooring, and you’ll have a home that’s ready for move-in, which your buyers will appreciate. 

2) Create Curb Appeal 

While it might not be your biggest joy in life to have a manicured lawn, it certainly helps your buyers distinguish your home from others on the block. Hiring a landscaper or completing small fixes yourself can result in a big payoff. Things like getting a new mailbox, adding bushes, and upgrading mulch can make your property feel brand new. This is especially helpful because buyers look at the outside of your home first. Think of all the traffic driving by looking at the “For Sale” sign. You want to make sure that your house catches their eye right off the bat so that they’re inclined to schedule a walkthrough and get the ball rolling. 

3) Get a Home Inspection 

This is part of every buyer’s experience when purchasing a home, but it should be part of yours during the selling process. Getting a home inspection can make you aware of issues before you’re in the final stages of the selling process and can pay off in the long run. For example, a water heater can cost you $1,005 on average to replace beforehand, but if caught by the buyer can drop your selling price by as much as $5,000. 

4) Add Technology

Young buyers and new homeowners are looking for upgraded Technology in their homes. This could be anywhere from a smart thermostat like Nest brand or touch screen lighting. Seeing these upgrades can make an older home seem extra renovated and excite your buyers from the moment they walk in. It also saves them the trouble of upgrading it themselves, which is enticing for those who don’t want a fixer-upper. 

5) Clean!

The easiest step on this list is to make sure your home is nice and tidy. Even If you don’t want to do the dirty work yourself, hire a maid service to do a deep clean of your home. Usually, they have extra good deals for first-time clients that will help get the interior nice and neat for half the price. You’ll not only benefit from having a beautiful space, but the real character of your home will shine through. A double win if you ask me. 

Completing the items on this list can ensure that your home doesn’t drag on the market for too long, and most are easy to achieve. Getting ahead of the game and stepping in your buyers’ shoes leads to a larger return on investment, AKA more money for you to spend on your new space. 

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